Advantages of Video Marketing

Video allows you to convey a message in an original way. Especially the contents that work with storytelling, humour and appeal to the emotions of the users, both positive and negative, work.

Message: A message transmitted by means of audiovisual content is clearer, since several resources are used to transmit it: image, music, voiceover and text.

Memorability: since the message is transmitted using several resources, it reaches the user through several senses at the same time, sight and hearing, and it has been proven that this favours the memorability of the message. Users remember a brand much more if they have seen a video of it.

Consumption: video consumption is very easy and convenient, so users tend to associate it with leisure and be more receptive. It is easier to capture the attention of users with audiovisual content than with text content.

Virality: Explainer video are more likely to be shared and, as we have seen, by encouraging engagement they can become viral content more easily.

Buying: working the brand's video marketing increases the conversion. It has been proven that the videos help in the purchase decision as they allow a better conception of the appearance and functioning of the product or service.

SEO: Videos hosted on platforms like Youtube are relatively easy to position on Google's first results pages. But also, a page that contains a video can also obtain SEO benefits since, on the one hand, it increases the time of permanence in the same one thanks to the reproduction of the same one, and on the other hand, if this one is shared it will be obtaining links for the web.Reference traffic: Content hosted on video platforms is a source of traffic to the company's website.

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